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Expert Tips on Windscreen Repairs and Replacements

When to Repair or Replace your Windscreen

At Budget Auto Glass, we understand that your auto glass is vital for safety, visibility, and the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. As leading experts in windscreen repairs and replacements in the Gold Coast, Logan, and South Brisbane, we are here to give you insights into the best practices for maintaining your auto glass in excellent condition.

Recognizing When It’s Time for a Repair

Time and unforeseen circumstances can lead to chips and cracks in your windscreen. Prompt action at this initial stage can save you from costlier repair and replacements down the line. Here’s when you should consider repair:

  • If the chip is smaller than a coin
  • If the crack is shorter than the length of a banknote
  • If the damage is not on the edge of the windscreen
  • If the damage does not impair your view while driving

Knowing When a Replacement is Necessary

While repairs are an affordable solution for minor damages, they can’t always restore your windscreen’s full integrity and clarity. Here’s when you should consider a replacement:

  • If the chip or crack is larger than the size criteria for repairs
  • If the damage is at the edge of the windscreen
  • If the damage is in the driver’s direct line of sight
  • If there are multiple cracks or chips

Maintaining the Longevity of Your Windscreen

While we can’t control debris from roads, we can adopt some preventative measures. These include:

  • Maintaining a safe distance from vehicles on unsealed roads
  • Not slamming car doors, as the vibration can intensify existing damages
  • Addressing minor damages promptly and professionally

Why Choose Budget Auto Glass for Your Windscreen Needs

Being locally owned and operated in the Gold Coast for over 2 years and with over 5 years of industry experience, we take pride in our reliability and customer-centricity. Our skilled technicians not only use high-quality materials for the job, but also take a customer-friendly approach to make your experience hassle-free and catered to your convenience.

To arrange a repair or replacement, you can reach us at 0423 335 544 or email us at Info@budgetautoglass.com.au.

We look forward to helping you with your auto glass needs.

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